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  Twitter is an awesome social networking site that students and educators alike can use to learn and educate. The world is at the fingertips of both students and educators in that Twitter allows learning to become more personalized and self-directed.

Twitter provides for all users to create their own personal and professional blogs, follow people and organizations of interest as well as sending messages to people and organizations that you follow. Using twitter allows for all adult learners and educators to input their perspectives on certain issues and receive immediate feedback. It provides for a positive learning environment.

Twitter provides for potential employment opportunities, and is a virtual classroom where students can receive immediate feedback on their blogs, questions asked or documents they have published on their blogs.  Twitter is an open forum where one can display post live videos with audio to show live current events or to make demonstrates.

I selected Twitter as a social networking technology because it allows students and educators to enter into a positive and open forum environment where they can learn from each other, personalize the way they become educated and use the resources that Twitter provides to follow other users in an effort to network and follow other users outside of the classroom. This greatly provides for potential employment opportunity, joining new groups and organizations as well.

I would incorporate Twitter into my practice/ course curriculum by having all of my students sign up for a free Twitter account and join the private organization (my class) of my practice where they can find course assignments, send email, receive grades and set up personal and professional blogs.  As the instructor of the course, I would incorporate media, PowerPoint presentations and instructions on how to navigate through Twitter much like here at Walden University.

I would also have my students sign and acknowledge the rules and guidelines along with the standards for integrity and ethics to adhere to while using Twitter to perform course work, respond to their classmates and videos and audio that they post for pertaining to course work.

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Facebook is a social networking technology that allows the adult learns to learn while having fun doing so. Most adult learners are already subscribers to Facebook and actively use their Facebook pages to communicate with family members and friends anytime of the day or night and they are very familiar with how to navigate throughout the site. Using Facebook as a resource for personalized learning provides for students to actively become engaged in communicating with other students and their professors. Facebook also grants the adult learner as well as educators the platform to personally express themselves, post videos and ask questions as well as provide immediate feedback. Adult learners as well as educators can post videos, share photos, and promote friendships that endure beyond the classroom.

Facebook provides a platform for students to form groups, post to the course discussion board, submit assignments and receive their grades.  E learning Industry,(n.d.), explain, “Given that social interaction positively impacts the way that people learn and work, Facebook is the ideal platform to boost collaboration and active learning.”, (P.1).

Using Facebook as a social networking technology in the classroom has proven to be a great resource for the adult learner. It helps motives students, increases their attention span, keeps them more engaged in their studies, resulting in adult learners retaining more information, which in turns, they perform at a higher level academically which results in higher grades and increases their graduation rates.

I would incorporate this technology in my practice by having my students read the syllabus which can be located on Facebook under the course name and ask them to sign in using a professional profile. Each student would be given a password to access their course which later they could change. They would have the opportunity to access the course on their computer, tablet, iPad or cell phone, the choice would be theirs.

All information for the course would be listed in the course syllabus much like here at Walden University and instructions would be given on how to navigate through the course using Facebook.


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